"WD's 2010 World Wide Sales Meeting had over 400 attendees, 70% of whom came from geos outside of North America. Dave facilitated multiple breakout sessions with participants from around the world, ffor most of whom English was a second language. His engaging interactive approach made use of Western Digital's Vision Statement to unify a diverse group. One of the conferences' objectives was to develop a heightened sense of teamwork among our far reaching sales force and Dave jump started this process. We immediately observed increased interaction and collaborative behavior that has benefitted the company. Western Digital is already committed to using Dave Bollwinkel in an even larger way at our next World Wide Sales Conference, which is the best endorsement I can give."
Jim Murphy – Executive Vice President of World Wide Sales and Sales Operations, Western Digital

"Dave's workshops and training were a major factor in RINA being chosen one of the top 100 places to work in the San Francisco Bay Area. With his focus on teamwork our retention and moral have both improved."
Ed Fahey – President, RINA Accountancy Corporation

"Network Appliance is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. With this rapid growth comes constant change. I recently inherited a number of new senior leaders, none of whom I knew very well, nor did they know each other well. Dave's half day team building and leadership program brought the team together faster than I possibly could have done on my own. If you have a dynamic organization that is growing and changing I strongly recommend that you work with COACH On and Off the Court."
Leonard Iventosch – Vice President for Global Sales, Network Appliance, Inc.

"Dave paved the way for my team of branch managers to truly understand the basis for trust, and then to cultivate such trust with each other."
John Lowe – Vice President, North Valley Region, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

"When EF Hutton speaks people listen. When Dave Bollwinkel speaks people get involved. Yes the positive energy in the room rises, but more importantly Dave draws the participants into the exercises and creates a dialogue. Having coached all of his life he is a teacher and it shows in his work with people. Participants in his workshops leave with a greater sense of what they can do to be successful."
Jim Horan – President,The One Page Business Plan Company

"I recently attended a RINA Accountancy Corporation leadership team building conference that Dave Bollwinkel facilitated. I have attended many of these seminars and I normally become very motivated, but once I get back to the office, nothing changes. Not so with this last conference that I attended and Dave facilitated. I actually made a major behavioral change and have a new mindset in regards to my personal accountability that my supervisor and peers are extremely happy about."
Pam Raumer – Business Development Director, RINA Accountancy Corporation

"In working with our club managers and administrators Dave's interactive training engaged the audience, involving everyone. As a result of our time with Dave the managers have a better understanding of how to make use of Fit-Lite's vision to provide direction, and are better equipped to support each other."
LaLene Shepherd – Marketing Manager, Fit-Lite by 24 Hour Fitness

"I was so impressed with Dave's keynote for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors that our company hired him to work with a client. As with his speech, the workshop Dave facilitated was informative and exciting. Our client was elated that through Dave's efforts their employees improved their ability to work together in teams."
Richard Callahan – CEO, Kosich & Callahan

"Dave's commitment to me and our company shows up in the follow up he provides.'"
John Lowe – Vice President, North Valley Region, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

"His ability to draw the audience into the conversation is what sets Dave apart from other speakers. Even with a large group he is quickly calling participants by their first name and involving them in an educational dialogue. I first hired Dave as a speaker for our company. I was so impressed that I asked him to work with our employees. He did such great job that I now have him on retainer as a consultant."
Aaron Locks – President, University of Sports

"In all my years of being part of a management team I have never experienced the true feeling of teamwork until Coach Bollwinkel came to work with us. The first six months here I felt as if I was the "Lone Ranger" in expressing my concerns and in trying to get answers. It appeared other managers were too busy trying to look good to upper management and appeared very superficial. Coach took the time to not only get my perspective but other managers too. In my view, the turning point in this disjointed team was when Coach was able to break us down to the core of the human element - the soul of what matters to us without fear or embarrassment. I can honestly say that while he broke us down emotionally. In doing that he was able to start building us up as a cohesive team that is able to play off each other strengths but empathic to our individual needs. In the end, Coach's teaching and guidance led us to work as a team that supports each other with the courage to demand the best in all of us - as team, as leaders of people, and as managers of our lives."
Tony Wong – Branch Manger, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Educational Institutions:

"ALL ABOARD is a tremendous staff activity to get all stakeholders engaged in a great course of action. Dave fired up the room while supporting our mission."
Darrell Daniel – Principal, Vista Murrieta High School

"Dave's activities were a real success. The maximum rating was a 4 and most of the retreat attendees not only circled 4 but added + + + + to it. Dave was great."
Anna G. Inesi – Board of Directors Coordinator, Associated Students of UCLA

"If a principal wants to develop a cohesive staff Dave Bollwinkel is the place to start."
Dave Shipp – Administrator, Vintage High School

"We completed the workshop energized and with tools to make use of in moving forward."
Patty Fraijo – Assistant Principal, A. B. Miller High School

"Great interaction with the students. Dave got them involved in learning in a large group setting."
Ed Pundt – Principal, Highland High School

"The leadership and teamwork exercises are what got my staff excited. We brought Dave in to do an in-service training for our teachers to jump start the new school year. As a result of his work our staff started the year working together better and with a greater sense of how they could help each other succeed."
Shannon Hancock – Principal, All Saints Elementary School

"More forward thinking, new approaches to old problems, and growth within our department are among the immediate benefits of the four hours we spent with Dave Bollwinkel. The men and women in our department now look for ways to help each other. The day after Dave facilitated "ALL ABOARD" with us we sat through a typical in-service lecture and one of my coaches said, 'why couldn't Bollwinkel be the speaker, we learned and retained more while enjoying ourselves.' That is how good this program is."
Mike Hastings – Athletic Director, Point Loma High School

"An outstanding seminar to help a staff communicate and interact with each other while building great teamwork amongst the participants. Plus the workshop provided my staff with teambuilding tools to make use of with their own teams. OUTSTANDING!!"
Don Showalter – Athletic Director, Mid-Prairie High School

"Dave's work with our entire department has been reflected in unparalleled success in recruiting."
Tom Beckett – Athletic Director, Yale University

"Dave was an absolute hit! The participants said his presentation was the most enjoyable and useful portion of our three day conference. The lessons he taught and tips he gave our leaders will greatly assist them in conveying how to lead to the over 100,000 youngsters in our region."
John Neudecker – Northern California Coordinator, Boy Scouts of America

"The custom fit Dave provided for our program was perfect. He accomplished this by his pre-work. Dave took and in depth look into our company, culture, and current issues to construct a workshop that really worked!"
Terry Parmely - Executive Director Sales, Western Digital, Austin, TX