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Built to Lead

The emphasis is on the importance of developing leadership within a school,
stressing the need to cultivate home grown leadership from the bottom up,
including among the students.
“Exactly what we were looking for.  Our members walked away with tools to use fisherav.”
Tom Welsh – Past President, California State Association of Athletic Directors

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Developing Leadership and Teamwork

Going beyond key points this workshop teaches the participants how to make
use of inter-active activities in developing leadership and teamwork.
“Dave is a terrific leader who is able to adapt on the spot to the challenges thrown his way.  He quickly earns respect and uses it to teach and challenge the participants to become better leaders.”
Randy Bessolo – Teacher, University High School


Dreams and Goals

This presentation assists Atherton students in recognizing how to turn their dreams into goals.   The presentation assists them in developing a game plan for achieving what they aspire to become.
“Dave got our students to think about their own responsibility in making themselves successful.”
Ruby Navarro – 10th grade coordinator, A. B. Miller High School

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Jump start your school’s efforts to develop better faculty/staff teamwork with this
attention getter.  Ideal for departments, individual schools, or entire school districts.

  • Why Teams?
  • Building A Shared Vision
  • Characteristics of Championship Teams
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Building Your Support Team
  • Emotional Intelligence and  Leadership
  • The Art of Self-Coaching
  • The Power of Appreciation

“An energetic way to get a group of people to trust and learn more about each other and themselves.”
Allison Carter – Executive Director Board of Directors, Associated Students of UCLA


“Dynamic, really brings people together, and gets them thinking about working as a team.”
Pam Lane – Assistant Superintendent, Mattole Valley Charter School District

No One Way Streets
This program focuses on the development of a culture of leadership and accountability that isn’t just top down, but also bottom up.  Ideally suited as a follow-up workshop to ALL ABOARD.

  • It starts at home
  • It continues in you being accountable
  • It builds to you holding others accountable

“This is a must as an in service-training.  My coaches learned how they can be a team.”
Steve Pilcher – Athletic Director, Nevada Union High School



Beyond Enthusiasm

Designed for a cross section of student leaders from a variety of extra-curricular

  • More Than A Title
  • Leaving A Legacy
  • True Leadership Is Positive
  • Role Of A Captain
  • Sharpening Your Tools
  • Characteristics of Championship Teams
  • Self-Authorized Leadership
  • Becoming A Servant Leader
  • Positive Communication
  • The Power of Appreciation

“Dave Bollwinkel’s leadership symposium, Beyond Enthusiasm, had an immediate impact on the student body at A. B. Miller High School.  Dave masterfully identified our needs and delivered a meaningful presentation that not only motivated our leaders of tomorrow, but got them talking with one another about challenges they face in their respective roles.  It was amazing to see a dialogue develop between students who will be integral in ensuring all of our programs set and meet their goals for next year.  This workshop allowed us to springboard into the right direction in a matter of hours!
Randy Bertok – Peer Leadership Advisor, A. B. Miller High School

Accepting the Challenge

A second year’s follow-up program to Beyond Enthusiasm ideally suited for a
cross section of student leaders from a variety of extra-curricular activities.

  • Generating Buy In
  • Role Acceptance
  • Becoming A Servant Leader

“After working with Dave Bollwinkel our student leaders are more confident in their leadership abilities and have shown a greater willingness to step into leadership roles. They more readily identify where and how to help lead.  The Student Leadership Academy that we envisioned and Dave led was comprised of student leaders from all realms of the campus and they not only enjoyed themselves but got to know each other and now interact in a positive manner not previously seen.”
Ray Moore – Administrator, Vista Murrieta High School

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Leadership 2009-2010 - Your Role In Creating A Clearer Vision

This program is intended for high school student government leaders as they get
organized for the beginning of a new school year.

  • 4 Stages of Leadership Development
  • Why Teams?
  • Effective Communication
  • Building Trust and Accountability
  • Self-Authorized Leadership and Accountable Followership
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Mission 2009-2010

“Dave was able to take a group of diverse young people and mold them into a team in just a few hours.  Each participant left energized and a better person, not to mention a better leader.  Dynamic and thoughtful, Dave knows how to reach people.”
Dean Columbo – Student Government Advisor, John Swett High School



TEAM In Training

Over 150 teams made use of this Artesia interactive program to prepare for a successful
season.  The program in neither sport nor genders specific and focuses on developing internal leadership among the athletes so that the players take ownership for the team.

  • Purpose of Teams and Team Purpose
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Team Member Roles
  • Empowerment and Self-Authorized Leadership
  • Team Communication
  • Mission Statement for This Season

Upon completion of this training your players will:

  • Understand Being Purpose Centered
  • Value Committed Involvement
  • Know How Positive Leaders Function
  • Discover His/Her Leadership Role

“Eight straight seasons I’ve had Dave work with my teams.  What he does is a key to our success.  Why, because the girls learn to take ownership for the team.”
Mike Fulton – Head Coach, Branson School, 2007 & 2008 California Division 5 State Champions

“Dave has a gift for the concept of teamwbuilding.”
Stan Van Gundy – Head Coach, Orlando Magic             


The following is a sampling of Youth Sports workshops developed and delivered by Dave Bollwinkel:

Coaching Education - "Making Youth Sports A Celebration"
Designed for youth coaches this 1-2 hour workshop helps the youth sports experience be more rewarding for the player, parents, and coaches.
  • Developing Your Philosophy
  • Relevant Objectives for essay before you buy it online from writing service
  • Communication Skills (Active Listening, Speaking in Word Pictures)
  • The 3 Fs - Fail Forward, have FUN
  • Dealing With Common Problems (Officials, Parents, Cutting a Player)

"SPORT: It's About Possibilities"
Over the course of an hour parent and child work together exploring the "lessons for life" to be learned through sport, and how to apply them outside of athletics.
  • Parallel Dreams Include Parallel Habits
  • Athletics; often a better teaching venue than the classroom
  • Sport and Character
  • What Parents can do to help open their child's eyes to what he/she is learning through sport and how to apply these skills

"Assisting Your Child In Climbing Onto The Victory Stand"
Parents leave this 90-minute program with more tools to enhance the sports experience for their son/daughter.
  • Recognize where you are coming from
  • Respect your children
  • Research the wealth of the sports experience
  • Role Model
  • Relax

Here is what people have to say about Dave Bollwinkel's "Youth Sports" Workshops:
  • Dennis Murphy, President, National Junior Basketball
    "The best speaker we have ever had in discussing coaching philosophy, organization, and the importance of good communication skills with our volunteer coaches."
  • Julie Pocarro, Sports Program Coordinator, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District
    "We first had Dave Bollwinkel speak for us in 1997. The training he provided our youth coaches and parents was so beneficial and well received that we have brought him back every year since. Dave's focus on 'educational athletics' has enhanced the sports experience for all involved."
  • Jerry Johnston, Recreation Supervisor, City of Orinda Parks and Recreation
    "We bring Dave in every year to work with our coaches because he doesn't lecture, but rather involves the audience and makes learning fun."


    The following is an overview of some of the youth organizations Dave has worked with:
    • National Junior Basketball - Santa Ana, CA
    • Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Department - Beaverton, OR
    • University of Sports - Rohnert Park, CA
    • Lafayette Moraga Youth Association - Lafayette, CA
    • Pleasanton Recreation Department- Pleasanton, CA
    • Orinda Youth Association- Orinda, CA
    • City of Newark Recreation Department - Newark, CA
    • Alameda Youth Basketball - Alameda, CA
    • Westport Athletic Club Soccer - Westport, CT
    • Scholar Athletes, Inc. - El Sobrante, CA
    • California Association of Independent Schools - Santa Monica, CA
    • Tom Allen Basketball Academy - Chicago, IL
    • St. Paul's Methodist Church - Alameda, CA
    • Student Sports Association - Sacramento, CA
    • St. Monica's Catholic Church - Orinda, CA
    • Catholic Youth Organization - Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, Moraga, San Rafael, Lafayette, Orinda, Oakland, CA

Teamwork and Leadership may be separate entities but they are so closely intertwined that you can’t talk about one without discussing the other.  The best business leaders recognize that through improving teamwork they can heighten the bottom line.  Having spent twenty-five years as a college basketball coach Dave Bollwinkel hasn’t just studied teamwork, rather he lived it.  In working with businesses Dave does more than just improve teamwork.  He assists those high performance teams to be more successful and profitable.

“Rising from the bottom to the top is what Dave did for our branches.  Since Dave began to work with us we now consistently rank at the top or Wells Fargo’s regional standings.”
John Lowe – Vice President, North Valley Region, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“It is easy to quantify what would have happened in our company without the improved teamwork and leadership that Dave fostered in our channel organization:

  • The channel would not have carried the company in Q3, which marked a train wreck in our direct enterprise accounts.
  • Would not have accounted for 96% of the new accounts.
  • Would not have provided almost complete coverage in the mid-market, which the company’s direct team largely ignored.
  • Would not have continued to excel when I left, leaving them without WW and North America channel leadership for several months. With Dave’s help this is what we accomplished.”
     Vice-President of World Wide and Americas Channel Sales, Fortune 500 Company

“Three years running 17 Jewels Salon and Spa has been chosen by Oakland Magazine as the number one such Armona establishment in Oakland.  The work Dave has done with me and my staff is a major factor in our gaining this recognition.”

Julie Stevens – Owner, 17 Jewels Salon and Spa
To order any of the resources listed, please email Dave Bollwinkel and let him know which tool you are interested in purchasing. Please list your name, phone, number and address. Dave will reply to your email and arrange payment and delivery. A $4 shipping fee will be added to all orders:

NEW!!! Just released DVD

DVD version - TEAM In Training
by: Dave Bollwinkel

15 Interactive exercises and activities that heighten leadership and build teamwork. During this 50 minute DVD Coach Bollwinkel provides you with all the instructions you need (objectives, materials/time, directions, and debriefing questions) plus footage of the activities in action. You have all you need to facilitate these activities with your own team.
Many of the activities can be incorporated directly into your practices. Include with the DVD are written instructions for all activities to assist you in making use of them in your practice.
Price: $29.95


"RECRUITING: A Method To Your Madness"
by: Dave Bollwinkel

Designed for college coaches who recruit this source book is a compilation of the best ideas in recruiting that Coach Bollwinkel came across during his 25 years of college recruiting. Aimed not just at basketball coaches RECRUITING: A Method To Your Madness has examples from numerous sports and scores of universities and colleges. In this 165 page resource are chapters devoted to; Philosophy and Goals, Mailings, Use of the Telephone, Recruiting Meetings, Home Visits, the development of specific Strategies, and Campus Visits. Additionally, there is a list of suggested readings to assist you in improving your skills as a recruiter.
Price: $28

"The Student-Athlete's Recruiting Handbook"
by: Dave Bollwinkel and Dr. George Selleck

Both potential college athletes and their parents can benefit from this thorough look at the recruiting process. More than 60 pages dedicated to assisting you in handling all aspects of the process; phone calls, home visits, campus visits, making the decision. This well prepared text focuses on you taking charge of the recruiting process, what questions to ask, and provides you with a guide to assist in making your choice. It even contains a section on marketing yourself if you are under-recruiting.
Price: $18


Superstar Post Clinic
A video tape by Dave Bollwinkel

This video covers all aspect of both low and high post play. College players demonstrate as Coach Bollwinkel describes each technique and the drills to develop the skills. Skills covered include; establishing low post position, low post moves, pivoting and sealing, shooting and passing from the high post, working with the perimeter player, offensive rebounding, and much more. This video is ideal for both players and coaches.
Price: $15 (This tape can be purchased as a set of two with the Superstar Post Clinic Tape for $25.)

Superstar Perimeter Clinic
A video tape by Dave Bollwinkel

This video covers all aspect of perimeter play with the focus on playing the point guard position. College players demonstrate as Coach Bollwinkel describes each technique and the drills to develop the skills. Skills covered include; developing your handle, attacking full court pressure, running the fast break, creating and making 3s, penetration and kick, working with the inside player, and much more. This video is ideal for both players and coaches.
Price: $15 (This tape can be purchased as a set of two with the Superstar Post Clinic Tape for $25.)

Books: "FUNdamental Drills and Training"
by: Dave Bollwinkel, Aaron Locks, and Doug King

This 40 page book provides the youth coach or parent with drills specifically designed for boys and girls ages 6-13. The roster of drills include; shooting, passing, offensive footwork, rebounding, the lay-up, spacing and screening, ball handling, defense, the fast break, and conditioning. A great resource for the youth league coach.
Price: $10 Aptos

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